• I generally do readings between 1-2 hours (occasionally up to 3) on Skype @ $36 per hour depending on what you’d like:
$36 for 1hr –– $54 for 1.5hr –– $72 for 2hr –– $90 for 2.5hr –– $108 for 3hr
You can also start off with an hour and if you want it to go longer you can send the rest of the payment afterwards. I can usually cover everything in a chart within an hour and a half, but this can vary depending on how much detail you prefer; if it’s more detail then perhaps two sessions are best in order to cover the entire chart.
• I’m also happy to just discuss any research, answer questions about it, etc. (sort of a 'tutoring' session) for $30 per hour [no actual chart reading involved, but I’m ok discussing the logistics of how astrology works or even explaining it on your chart].
• Payment is through PayPal and the email is "" and it would be awesome if you could send it as "friend/family" so I don't get nicked with fees if you decide on doing a session. Payment can be made anytime before our session.
• The Skype session is recorded so you can have a copy. I upload it to a private Dropbox link so only you and I have access to it so all information is completely private and not shared with anyone; you do not need a Dropbox account to access this. All I'd need is your birth date/time/location for the reading. If you don't have an exact time it makes it a bit more complicated, but there's ways of rectifying it if you have an hour or two window (i.e. "I was born sometime around 3PM... +/- 30min" etc.). That requires a bit more back and forth though and it will make elements of a chart a bit more vague and will be more broad in certain areas.
• You can answer the call as ‘audio only’ (the phone icon) to remain visually anonymous and/or to save CPU processor speed. You will still be able to see my screen which I will share to point out things in your chart during the session.
• You will also get a PNG copy of your chart and it’s aspects. I provide a glyph ‘key’ so you don’t have to know the symbols of astrology – the key guide translates them for you – and this is all included in your Dropbox folder.
• There's many different directions the reading can go: mostly it's going over certain areas of life and reflecting upon them, relationships with others and you own strengths and challenges and how to perhaps look at some of the more difficult aspects of life in a different way and provide some ideas on how to deal with them in a more productive way. Some people like to focus on more esoteric/spiritual stuff and perhaps relative themes to any ‘awakening’ relationships to NWO conspiracy themes; others would rather just focus on relationships to parents, friends, work or society at large, etc. There's a lot of information that can be extracted from a chart, but it's helpful to get some background info to tailor it and make it more useful to the individual's situation.
I mostly focus on natal chart astrology and it is more psychological in nature in regards to an individual person and their relationship to their friends, family and society at large. I do not do electional astrology (timing of events such as business launch, marriage date, etc.), horary astrology (asking a question and using the time of the question to derive an answer) or any sort of predictive astrology that indicates something must and will happen. Nothing is ‘fated’ (outside of not being aware of issues that enable problems to re-occur) nor is any chart ‘bad’ or one must be bound to bad or good luck etc. I don’t mind looking at transits and things upcoming in the future, but the discussions involved with them will be very broad and mostly related to the natal chart discussion as the anchor of such things. I also don’t utilize "natural astrology" which is based upon weather, medicine, farming, etc. Some of these types of astrology I don’t find legitimacy in (although if others do then they are free to do so, I’m only speaking for myself); others I am simply unsure of and am not experienced enough in those systems to make any sort of qualified judgement on them (generally referring to the "natural astrology" in these regards). 90% of what I do is examining and extracting information purely from the natal chart itself (along with back and forth responses from the individual) and more in regards to judicial astrology under the views of Thomas Aquinas. The freewill aspect is fundamental, along with the idea that God is not just an impersonal being or "forces of nature" that you tap into to mold to your ‘will’ through Occult knowledge; these are probably the biggest differences between Catholic and Occult/Hermetic astrology.
• The key areas of examination are the AC/DC and MC/IC axis; 7 classical planets, 3 outer planets, the lunar nodes, Chiron; the signs/houses they are placed in and any aspects between them. I know a bit about the asteroids, Lilith, some fixed stars, etc. but find it to be more tedious than anything to examine them, and that they over-saturate the chart with information more often than not. I also stick to the major aspects (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile) and the only lesser aspects I prefer to consider are quincunx and maybe the semi-sextile. I do know a bit about the other lesser aspects––but again, the same issues arise by overly saturating the chart with additional information I don’t find particularly useful or necessary.
• I don’t worry about decans, moon mansions, or lunar cycles/eclipses, placements "under the beams," Arabic parts/lots, or anything more advanced than that. I feel these things just add an unnecessary abundance of detail that has little practical application and relevance.
• I use Geocentric/Western/Tropical Zodiac and use the Placidus house system [though have used Koch in the past]. The house system debates are tiring and fruitless and I don’t have patience for them. I’ve found that Placidus or Koch tend to be the most reflective of the person in natal charts, both from my own chart and the many others that I have examined. The Placidus system originates from the Catholic professor and monk Pladicus de Titis in 17th century Italy who was drawing from Ptolemy and geocentric cosmology.
• Although I am somewhat familiar with the rulerships and systems of "esoteric astrology" I am not in practice with them. This is based on Alice Bailey’s astrology and the Lucis Trust so I’m automatically suspicious of such systems despite being able to extract some useful information from them. Again, their conception of God and Christ is antithetical to traditional Catholicism so naturally I am cautious in these areas but won’t throw out the baby with the bathwater (I wish there was a better saying to express that sentiment).
• Perhaps the best way of explaining how I approach astrology can be summed up by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae:
"The majority of men ... are governed by their passions, which are dependent upon bodily appetites; in these the influence of the stars is clearly felt. Few indeed are the wise who are capable of resisting their animal instincts. Astrologers, consequently, are able to foretell the truth in the majority of cases, especially when they undertake general predictions. In particular predictions, they do not attain certainty, for nothing prevents a man from resisting the dictates of his lower faculties. Wherefore the astrologers themselves are wont to say that 'the wise man rules the stars' forasmuch, namely, as he rules his own passions."
To summarize, there are inclinations that are relevant in natal chart analysis that indicate the challenges a person might have in regards to the difficulties in life in controlling their urges to refrain from them taking ahold and producing negative effects and bad decisions that government them as one might call "fate" ; but this does not mean mankind is bound to them and through freewill and the love of God they can overcome, suppress, or at the least be aware of such inclinations that tend towards the bad and make conscious choices to tend towards the good through discipline, self-sacrifice, good habits, self-control and repetition. Catholicism seems to be the only type of Christianity that allows for such viewpoints of which I am greatly appreciative of. I also find that much of what is contained in more "Hermetic" astrology can be utilized within a Catholic system, but disregarding certain fundamental principles.
• There is no "divination" involved. I don’t summon spirits. I don’t have entities helping me read the chart or any of that type of stuff. It’s all based upon systems of astrology that I’ve adopted and re-tooled (in a more Catholic manner) in regards to a loose form of psychology analysis of one’s life and using the chart to ask questions, give insights; using it as a system of analyzing human consciousness and our personal/subjective experiences in conjunction with the objective world and how others might view us. This is not professional psychology; nothing is diagnosed nor is anything prescribed in the realm of medicine.
• Any discussions or descriptions in the realm of spirituality, morality, etc. will be from a more traditional Catholic lens (albeit still quite ‘liberal’ in certain regards). This doesn’t require you to be Catholic or that you must be looking to become Catholic; although if you are Catholic or interested in Catholicism then obviously it would open up more avenues of discussion; it’s simply the lens through which the reading will be given and something I must do for my own conscience sake. Finally, these topics might not even come up at all in a reading (overtly at least) and I won’t force them to; it really depends on you and what questions you ask or your responses to the content itself. Feel free to read through this article for more information on Catholic astrology:
If this all sounds good enough for you, please reach out via email and we can discuss a good time to schedule a reading! Thank you, Michael.