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Welcome to my blog. My name is Michael Joseph, known to most as the username Schism206 (originating from my YouTube channel). I am researcher in regards to what many would deem "conspiracy theory" ; quite a stigmatic term. The goal is to expose the hidden agendas and methods of the secret societies that are guiding humanity throughout all facets of our lives and modern life. I am also an astrologer [albeit, of a very different type than most] and musician; this blog may function in regards to these areas of my life as well. Lastly, I am the host of the Proud 2 Be Profane Podcast which which features a number of guests and the occasional monologue; we attempt to discuss serious topics not too seriously. Below you’ll find all the necessary links to the work:

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Proud 2 Be Profane Podcast
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Guest Appearances
I have appeared on numerous podcasts and talks shows such as:
The Higherside Chats w/Greg Carlwood
The Sage of Quay Radio Hour w/Mike Williams
The Freezone w/Freeman Fly
Occulture w/Ryan Peverly
OffPlanet Radio w/Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer
Crrow777 Podcast w/Crrow777 & Jason Lindgren
There are several others as well; here is a YouTube playlist containing most of these discussions.

Research Series
I have created a number of research series on a variety of topics in the esoteric realm; most notably the Occult Science series which breaks down the many Occult roots to modern science and much much more. Also the Occult Catholicism series which explores the relationship and power struggle between the Old and New World Order. Please visit my Vimeo albums page or YouTube playlists page to find more.

Please visit this post of the blog for more information on an astrological reading:

I can be reached via email at this address :