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Welcome to this blog. My name is Michael Joseph, known to most as the username Schism206 (originating from YouTube namesake). I’m probably most known on the interwebs for research that relates to esoteric symbolism and its influence upon society. A few years ago I returned, albeit gradually and (at first) reluctantly to the Roman Catholic Church; which was likely to the chagrin of a majority of those who had previously followed the "B.C. era" content on the Schism206 channel. C'est la vie..

From roughly 2014-2019, I had created a number of research series on a variety of topics in the esoteric realm. Recently, I’ve withdrawn the YouTube content from the public (now unlisted), which is probably the reason you are reading this, for reasons I won’t explain here.

However, I still create content & research series for paid members at my website: There are two tiers of membership: Initiate & Adept. There is also a full audio-only plan you can get @ If you are here for older content, see below for the various options on how to gain access to it. Thank you and enjoy.

YouTube Series for Old Schism206 Content
You can gain free access to all older content here, in YouTube playlist format, via the links below. For only $1 per month, you can gain extensive access to them by signing up for an Initiate members plan at the Rockstar Esoterica site, with a yearly purchase of $12. The Adept membership plan is $6 per month, which includes everything listed below and much more.

The benefits of this Initiate plan are:
1) All old Schism206 series content is organized on it’s own web page – with lovely color motifs – for much easier access than a single YouTube playlist. There is also a special introductory preface for each series with additional comments/insights in retrospect.
2) All videos are available in Mp3 audio format (only available through the website), which you can also download. This is great if you would normally just ‘listen’ to videos on YouTube, which eats up data quickly if you are using a smartphone. All Mp3’s are formatted/labeled along with iTunes metadata for easy organization.
3) You gain access content by individual audio/video – each clearly labeled and ordered – or view full playlists for both audio/video. There is also access to additional resources including references PDF’s and slides exports when applicable.
4) You gain easy access to full versions of older P2BP episodes, along with the first part of new P2BP episodes (must have Adept membership for access to second part).
5) You gain partial access to the Holy Roman Forum, where you can chat with other likeminded individuals; members in the Adept section can engage with you as well.
6) You also gain access to select Adept members content, including the Day of Rest series, which extensively works through the New Testament, and Catholic teaching on it, with other insights that relate to Schism206 old and new.

YouTube Playlist Links for Unlisted Content (read playlist description for brief synopsis):

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