Old School Resources for New School Truthers
Forgotten Documentaries & Research
With a seemingly endless supply of school shootings in the news the past few years, I think it's important to reflect upon a few documentaries which were eye opening for me in regards to the Sandy Hook school shooting. If you're somewhat new to the idea of "conspiracy theories" surrounding shootings or are new to being part of the alternative media or truther community, you may have missed them. I think they are even more important in these troubled times where videos like them are being taken down en masse. I highly suggest you take the time to go through at least one of them, I'll list them in priority of my own recommendation:

#4 “Sloppy Sniper" [BONUS VIDEO]
It takes good ol' Barry a while to get to the point, but the main issue is that the guy who is the "sloppy sniper" is not acting in any way shape or form like an FBI trained agent or solider.

The Grand Debate
I know there's a grand debate about events being false flags vs. hoaxes from the truther camp; both viewpoints are combated by people who believe conspiracy theories are crazy and are devoid of logic/reason and in this particular case by insensitive, terrible people. In regards to the former, I think being so sure either way isn't the way to go; it's best to just expose the media lies, fabrications and exaggerations. There's nothing wrong with making your own conclusions and opinions on these events, but when you start telling people this is the way it is when in reality you just don't know, it becomes counter-productive because it gives the folks who are attached to the official stories a lot more firepower to make the alt-media seem crazy.
These videos aren't perfect––there are mistakes here and there––but this is how the "debunkers" work: they pick apart these mistakes and focus heavily on them to make you forget about the most important issues. I'm sorry, but you cannot escape the fact that Gene Rosen constantly changed his story and screwed up his dialogue about the children on what appears to be a line rehearsal for the camera; if anything it should completely discredit anything he has ever said about the event and in turn discredit main stream media for having ever promoted him. There's also the "sloppy sniper" who's running around a crime scene dressed like an FBI agent with no FBI patch and carrying his rifle by the magazine in a "ho-hum" fashion and even letting it point at people from time to time. People can debate whether he is actually David Wheeler or not––it doesn't even matter––the point is that he's not acting like a person in law enforcement and appears to have absolutely no idea how to carry an assault rifle without accidentally pointing it at people. So WTF is he doing there? And of course Mr. Robbie Parker who hours after having his daughter brutally murdered is smiling at a press conference and saying "want me to read the card?"
To add balance, here is a forum that is dedicated to the official narrative and "debunking" films such as these. You'll also find people doing "debunking" all over YouTube such as this. After watching these documentaries can you honestly say that there is absolutely nothing suspicious about the official narrative of the event or its witnesses? ; despite whatever issues Metabunk or anyone else can present? I'll leave that for you to decide. I'm not here to debate, just provide other perspectives to consider. I can give one personal conclusion that I can stand behind: there is certainly media fuckery going on with this event, and I'm pretty sure Parkland is no different. I guess that makes me crazy. Maybe I should espouse that Russian bots made these documentaries as propaganda because that's a perfectly 'sane' opinion to have in this day and age; I'd probably score an exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper for doing so.