The Plot Against the Church Book
The Plot Against the Church - Maurice Pinay PDF:
  • Chapter 28: Quintessence of the Jewish Revolutions - Reveals the Jewish infiltration into the bloodlines of the royalty of England and Ethiopia; look to Davidic throne and Ethiopia article below.
Zionism, British Israelism, Protestant Bible Codes, etc.
• Davidic throne and Ethiopia:
• Bible code myth debunked by Dr. Michael Heiser:
Sex Scandals, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, New Age, Yoga, Gurus, etc.
• 6 myths about Catholic sex abuse scandals Psychology Today:
• Church Militant Michael Voris articles on communist-infiltration and homosexual priests: Video: Articles: and
• Pedophiles and Priests: A Contemporary Analysis by Philip Jenkins book:
  • I haven’t read this book as of yet, but its premise appears to be about the media manipulation around Catholic Church sex-scandals and how its targeted for: political, social engineering, as well as lucrative legal reasons; in attempts to discredit and blame the Church’s theology for such scandals. Read the Amazon review by Peter S. Bradley for a good summarization of its contents.
• Eastern Orthodox sex scandals and coverups:
• Protestant Church scandals 2:
• Comprehensive list of Yogi Guru sex and other scandals:
• List of Yogi Guru scandals (Founders of Transcendental Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Integral Yoga, Kripalu, etc.):
• India’s 10 most controversial gurus:
• Why so many Yoga sex-scandals?:
• Ex-Rabbi Marc Ganfi sexual predator, Center for Integral Wisdom and Whole Foods founder:
• Yogi Bhajan’s secretary speaks out on sexual assault and other issues:
• Yogi Bhajan scandals:
• 3HO United Nations: