Jewish Golem
Created via Jewish Mysticism to take "dead matter" (goyim) and turn it into a force to protect/avenge the Jewish people (Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Theosophy, etc):
Kosher Tax
Noahide Laws
• 3.26.1991 H.J. Res. 104 – 102nd Congress (1991-1992) Noahide Laws and Education Day: Education Day and Noahide Laws:
• George Bush Sr. Noahide Laws:
• George Bush Sr. NY Times NWO speech transcript 20 days before Noahide Laws signed:
• George Bush Sr. NWO speech on 9.11.1990:
• George Bush Sr. NWO speech 9.11.1991:
• George Bush Sr. NWO United Nations speech:
Talmud "Wisdom" (Sophia)
• Gentile who strikes a Jew is liable to the death penalty - Sanhedrin 58b -
• Gentile who studies Torah (Talmud) should die unless it’s part of the Noahide Laws - Sanhedrin 59a:
Gentile kindness and charity a "sin" because they are only doing it to preserve their power; as a "taunt" ; or out of pride/vanity - Bava Batra 10b:
The serpent (Jehovah) had sex with Eve and gave her lust - Abodah Zarah 22:
The serpent (Jehovah/God of Catholicism) had sex with Eve and inserted his "filth" into her:
Gentile women are donkeys (sinful animals) Berakhot 58a:
Gentiles are not "neighbors" (to be loved), and adultery with one’s neighbor has a punishment of death; but if gentiles are not "neighbors" then no crime has been committed (by default) -Sanhedrin 52b:
Spoils that the Jewish people take from gentiles who make war with them will be sanctified Pesachim 50a:
Talmud criticisms "refuted":
Michael Hoffman Controversies
Israel Shamir response to Michael Hoffman’s book and rebuttal:
Michael Hoffman’s response to Israel Shamir’s review on his book:
Fitzpatrick Informer on Michael Hoffman & Philo-Protestanism:
Fitzpatrick Informer on Michael Hoffman’s obsession with Protestantism (read comments for the arguments between Hoffman’s rebuttals and interjections from Northsider and Fitzpatrick):
Michael Hoffman Website:
Israel Shamir Website:
Fitzpatrick Informer:
Am Ha’aretz
Basic outline:
Am ha’aretz "ignorant" people of Rabbinical wisdom (Sophia):
Rabbinical Sages or ‘Pharisees' being against "am ha’aretz":
Rabbi explains am ha’aretz:
Am Ha’aretz - A’haron Oppenheimer pg. 175 - May not eat flesh of cattle:
Kafka and the Universal - Arthur Cools pg. 110 - Who studies Torah (Talmud) may eat the flesh of animals, but who does not (am ha’aretz) may not eat the flesh of animals:
Christ in the Talmud
Jesus in the Talmud - Peter Schäfer Book:
The page numbers for sources of content discussed in the Occult Catholicism videos on this topic are:
  • Pg. 97-102 - Jesus’ sexual immorality, Mary Magdalene, virgin "word Magick" curse, and son of Pantera. Also accusations of the Jews against Christ and early Christian Fathers as being full of incest, sexual orgies, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice of infants; ironically the same claims often made against the Jews from time to time in the first 1,000 years of Christianity through the Middle Ages.
  • Pg. 102-106 - The sexual promiscuity of Jesus and his "magic" or sorcery to lead Israel astray from the teachings of the Talmud; also relationship to Simon Magus, the Apostles and magic.
  • Pg. 107-109 - Jesus as Hiram, King of Tyre from the Talmud’s interpretation of Ezekiel 28: the "hubris" of Hiram combing with Christ’s claims as being "the Son of Man" vs. "a man" of Hiram ; bear in mind that they are combining two different themes into one to 'curse' Christ and calling him Hiram of Tyre who "claims to be a god and is rebuked for his hubris." In the Freemasonic entry of Hiram in Mackey’s Encyclopedia pg. 459, Hiram is related to the King of Tyre as being the "Grand Master of all Freemasons" and the builder of the Temple of Solomon; but when he met with Solomon, Hiram [the Gentile] realized that the "Grand Architect of the Universe had inspired Solomon above all mortal men," [i.e. the Jews] he "yielded the pre-eminence [superiority] to Solomon. . . the beloved of God." So as you can see, in Freemasonry, the King of Tyre is a Master Mason, but yields all of his own labors to Solomon who is of the David line of the Jews; yet another proof that Freemasonry is a ‘golem’ creation of Talmudic elites trying to equate Christ with a Pagan King (of Tyre) with the "hubris" to call himself God in the Talmud, but in Freemasonry Hiram is submitting and doing the bidding of the Jews.
  • Pg 111-115 - Christ’s resurrection, John, and list of offenses which include: 1) Jesus the bastard son of a whore who imports magic and sorcery from Egypt to lead the Jewish people astray. 2) Bastard son who practices sexual immorality and promiscuity [probably a source of the Mary Magdalene tales]. 3) The frivolous son who becomes an idolater and practices magic. 4) Graphic details of Jesus’ execution. 5) Jesus’ disciples and punishment in hell.
  • Pg. 122-129 - How the Jews must have known and drawn from all 4 Gospels, but in particular John, to create their views on Christ and his followers in the Talmud.
  • Pg. 131-141 - Examples of Christ and Mary in the Talmud called: "Jesus the Nazarene" as "Son of Pandera/Pantera" and "his mother Miriam [Mary]" ; all while the Rabbi’s deny that this has anything to do with Jesus Christ of the NT Gospels.
Peter Schäfer credentials:
The Jewish Jesus: How Judaism and Christianity Shaped Each Other - Peter Schäfer Book [another book relevant to our topics] -
Jesus worshipping idols and causing Israel to do the same Sanhedrin 107b:
Jesus the Nazarene "close ties with the [gentile government]" and practiced "sorcery, incited people to idol worship, and led the Jewish people astray." Sanhedrin 43a:
Jesus the Nazarene, a "Jewish sinner" raised from the dead through necromancy; punished by boiling excrement for mocking the Sages (Rabbis) Gittin 57a:
Jesus the Nazarene "sins in public and causes others to sin" Sanhedrin 103a:
Pantera father of Christ in Talmud Jason Colavito:
False History of Gospel as Anti-Semitic:
Hiram in Rabbinical literature as the King of Tyre with hubris in Ezekiel 28:
Jesuit Freemasonry and Prussia/Germany:
10 Commandments Exoteric-Stone (Catholic) and Esoteric-Sapphire (Talmud) -
Jews, Gnosticism, Pharisees and Alexandria
The Plot Against the Church - Maurice Pinay PDF:
Gnostica, Judaica, Catholica (Brill) - Gilles Quispel book (Sophia/Wisdom of Jewish Mysticism):
Philo, Jewish aristocrat/royalty in "greatest Jewish community" who lived in "glory and vitality" in Alexandria before the Romans and Christians took over:
Library of Alexandria Including Jewish Scriptures (Torah and Talmud in Greek)
Alexandrian "Great" Library, Jews, Philo, Talmud, etc. at Destination Yisra’el website:
"According to traditions and legends, Ptolemy II Philadelphus commissioned seventy or seventy two Jewish scholars to translate the Torah from the ancient Hebrew script into Koine Greek called the Septuagint. This "Greek" Torah would then be included in the famous Library in Alexandria. According to the Megillah of the Babylonian Talmud:
Tractate Megillah, 9a-9b – "King Ptolemy once gathered 72 Elders. He placed them in 72 chambers, each of them in a separate one, without revealing to them why they were summoned. He entered each one's room and said: "Write for me the Torah of Moshe, your teacher." G-d put it in the heart of each one to translate identically as all the others did." [remember since this is in relationship to the Bablyonian Talmud, so the "torah" means something different: including the Pentateuch but also the oral tradition of Talmudic Judaism along with Qabalah books like the Sepher Yetzirah and Zohar.]
It was Philo of Alexandria, who used this same translation of the Septuagint (Greek Torah) in his writings when he stated that six scholars from each of the 12 tribes of Israel were chosen. As the legends continued, each of the 72 Jewish translators translated the Torah into Greek in solitude and every one of the translations came out the same."
The Talmud: A Selection by Norman Solomon Book:
Note that this location in the book speaks of the same material of the above link from the Destination Yisrae’el website. It corroborates that the Rabbis allowed "only the Torah" (again, which version of the Torah? Because the Talmud is Torah in modern Judaism) to be translated into Greek; that the "great library of Alexandria" housed this Greek literature, was intended to be an "international library, and that the translation of the "seventy-two" scholars that Philo refers to. Notice the difference in Genesis 5:2 with creating him vs. them male and female; this is in accordance with the androgynous "Primordial Adam Kadmon" that Occultists often talk about, vs. the "profane" male and female (separate) as the original creation and the current state of mankind today.
The Medical World, Volume 8 (1890) E.C. Anderson Index Pg. 58:
"Hundreds of years before all these lived nations whose literature was preserved by the Jews, even though the great library of Alexandria was destroyed by fire, and out of this literature the Talmud has grown." I.e. the Talmud’s "Sophia" or wisdom comes out of the ashes of the fire of the "great" library at Alexandria, which the Jews were preserving much of the knowledge and literature that it housed before this destruction.
Encyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature Vol. 10 - John McClintock, James Strong pg. 172:
"The writer in the Quarterly is astonished at the fact that the Talmud has so often been burned. . . The followers of the Arabian prophet [Muhammad] burned the great library at Alexandria and they still do the same with every book which they believe is written against their religion. The Jews have burned and excommunicated the books of their own great Maimomides and considered him a heretic."
This is an interesting article talking about the Muslims, Christians and more traditional Jews being against the Talmud and burning it akin to the burnings and destruction at the "great" library of Alexandria. It also discusses how the Rabbis in France in 1240 [40-60 years before Philip Le Bel’s time, who burned the Talmud and expelled the Jews from France and involved in the Templar debacle] refuse to acknowledge that the ben-Panther Jesus is the same Jesus of the Gospels despite modern Jews acknowledging the "failure of this argument."
"And finally, in his ordinance of April 19, 1283, the king ordered the bailes to carry out the law preventing the Jews from repairing their synagogues and from possessing copies of the Talmud (Langlois, "Philippe le Hardi," p. 298). With Philip the Fair the Jews reached the nadir of their misfortune. It was not for nothing that the wearing of the badge was required, and that accusations of sorcery had been made (Ordonnance on the improvement of morals of 1254); and now the belief in ritual murder was to reappear."
This is an interesting article talking about burning of the Talmud by King Philip the Fair, the one who is portrayed as greedy and fanatical by Hollywood’s The Da Vinci Code movie and mainstream history, and how the Jews were accused of witchcraft and were expelled from France by him. Bear in mind Freemasonry (Albert Pike, Manly Hall etc.) and Theosophy (H.P Blavatsky) all view Philip le Bel with great disdain and how these Kabbalist, Talmudic, Gnostic Templars were the ‘good guys’ in the Knights Templar debacle.
The Making of Jewish Universalism: From Exile to Alexandria - Malta Simkovich :
Read about Philo of Alexandria creating a "universalist" religion which is very akin to Freemasonry and the "allegorical" approach to all scripture. He also talks about Natural Law being coherent with Jewish Law, and how the gentiles don’t need to convert to Judaism, but yet the Jews and Israel are still the elect people of God to guide these mass of gentiles via this "universal" religion which adopts all traditions into a generic God-head of sorts. Read the following passage from pg. 79 and it’s eerily like the Noahide Laws and the Nation of Israel leading the world to peace:
"The idyllic unity that Philo envisions is this text is not necessarily of a religious nature, but certainly of a social and political nature. For Philo, believing in the same God does not necessarily require participation in the same religion [e.g. "Co-exist" and "Believe" bumper stickers]. While the Jews are distinctive in their position as a "nation of priests" who show the rest of humankind that their God reigns supreme, the success of this function rests on the worldview acknowledgement of the Jewish God, and not on a conversion to the Jewish religion. Philo believes that all the people can achieve spiritual perfection, but he does not specify that conversion to Judaism is a necessary step toward achieving this perfection ["Occult Science" indoctrination into believing the Big Bang Theory which is the ‘ xoteric' story of the Qabalah creation]. Moreover, the particulars of Jewish worship make the Jewish people special, and their worship has universal ramifications."
The above is all based on the "Naturalization Nations" model of an end-times where it all comes to fruition.
Martin Luther King Jr. Israel Connections and Ethnic Cleansing
66 Books of Protestant Bible and Other Suspicious Talmudic "Echoes"
(66 a Number of the Sun Sephira in Qabalah and the Lion of Leo in Astrology (Sun Sign) and of Judah/Israel)
7 books missing from Protestant canon, and their theological implications for justifying Catholic doctrines such as purgatory, works, souls existing before incarnation, prayers for the dead, etc. ; and Luther wanting to go back to original Hebrew translations (so he needed the Sephardic Jews from Spain):
Great article on Luther’s advocacy for removing certain books such as Revelation, Hebrews, etc.; and the Catholic-Stuart struggle to keep the Deuterocanonical books (the ones included in the Catholic Bible); in the end, modern Protestantism removed these books and it became the "official" 66 books of the Bible:
Video on this issue of 7 books lost in Luther Bible:
Martin Luther brings back Hebrew learning into the Bible but becomes concerned that people are following the OT too closely (perhaps an unforeseen byproduct of his endeavor):
Septuagint [Christ and Apostles] vs. Masoretic [Phariess and Jews] texts:
Martin Luther ad the Enduring Word of God - Robert Kolb book:
This part of the book talks about Luther being involved in Humanist scholarly circles when studying the Masoretic texts for the Old Testament translations, and dealing with suspicions of Rabbinical involvements:
• Luther’s translation of the Bible and "freely consulting" the Rabbis:
Septuagint "virgin" vs. Hebrew version in Isaiah 7:14:
Irenaeus of Lyon on the Virgin Birth and Isaiah 7:14 in Matthew 1:23:
Jews for Judaism’s Rabbi refutation of "virgin" (parthenos) as "young woman" as a "mistranslation":
Martin Luther on Mary’s "perpetual virginity":
Acharya S [D.M. Murdock] on Isis/Mary’s "perpetual virignity":
66 in Gnostic Qabalah; 66th year of the Messiah King of the Serpent [Kundalini] where 66th year is an "allegory" of the Zohar; Messiah not a physical person but the "consciousness" of the Adept of Illuminism, 66 means you as a "resurrected master" of "Christ" as a consciousness; even mentions golems!:
Kabbalah Info Website - 66th King, the Messiah of Israel in the land of Galilee and "The Secrets of the Torah are Revealed in the Days of the Messiah" from the light of the sun and moon united [initiating the masses into the "mysteries" via Hollywood and mega-rituals]:
Cromwell regime abolishes 39 articles which revere, but don’t consider "inspired," the Deuterocanon:
Protestant Colonization of Old Testament Israelite Concepts
JSTOR article on Puritan genocide:
JSTOR article on Protestant colonization policies on "Canaanites in a Promised Land": - In this article certain Protestant English characters are caught paralleling the Talmudic view of the "savages" being of the cursed line of Ham, most specifically William Strachey of the colony of Virgin. In fact, the footnote on Strachey (24) admits the development of the view of the "curse" Ham representing the African race was not in the Biblical account but from "the late Middle Ages of certain Talmudic and Mithraic texts" which "explicitly" stated this curse in racial terms upon the Africans. Strachey had a strange trip to Constantinople [where Sephardic Jews resided] after he had financial issues, and then ended up promoting the same paradigm as the Talmud curse, but instead of being on African natives it was applied to the American natives––save for the "racial" aspect, as Strachey’s was a "spiritual" problem with the Indians. But this demonstrates another example of the Britain/Ottoman Empire connections of the Jews and Protestantism. Other Protestants took a more peaceful approach, but often using anti-Catholic rhetoric to prop themselves up as more "humane" evangelists of the Natives and calling the Spanish the typical claims of Black Legend: imperialists, backwards and exterminating the Natives for greed and gold, etc.; this shows the straw-man tactic to exaggerate or even fabricate Spanish "evils" against the Natives to prop the English up as the virtuous Christians, despite the sordid behavior of many other English in North America (a precursor to Masonic "brotherhood" ?). Some of the more humane approaches from Protestants came from the Puritan Cotton Mather, but who was strangely enough later implicated as a key figure in promulgating the Salem Witch Trials; another "Judaizing" view on "witches" in the Old Testament passage of Exodus 22:17. A single Catholic, Sir George Peckham, is implicated in having some of the foundations of these views, but never to the extreme that some of the English writers took––such as Strachey––on the of the "savages" as being of the line of Ham, etc. and even called for an "extermination of Indian religions leaders." Peckham also mixes Protestantism and Elizabethan nationalism with his Spanish-Catholic ideas on colonization which are documented in the essay below. All in all, the Catholic approach to the challenges of evangelizing the Natives in the New World was much more balanced, whereas the "religion liberty" of Protestantism, with a lack of a truer central authority, lended much more towards extremes.
"Catholic" Sir George Peckham’s True Reporte: a strange brew of Spanish-Catholic colonization doctrines fused Calvinist-Anglican Protestantism, mixed with Elizabethan British-Empire Monarchism for New World expansion:
Cromwell [executor of the "crypto-Catholic" Charles 1st] emancipates the Jews in England: