Vegan Animal Rights NWO Feminism
Animal Rights Human Rights:
Britannica Plato/Pythagoras:
Men afraid of Veganism:
Aldous Huxley’s "Siva-boner":
Carol J. Adams Sexual Politics of Meat book:

Vegan Hollywood & Entertainment
Jay-Z and Beyonce NY Times "Vegan State of Mind":
Jay-Z and Beyonce encourage Veganism to fans Independent UK:
James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger Veganism & documentary:
Miley Cyrus Vegan marriage:
Ariana Grande Vegan:

Swami Vivekananda, Theosophy & Rockefeller
Vivekananda Freemason:
Brahmans (Old World) Jesuits of India says Blavatsky:
Blavatsky Hates Jesuits:
Vivekananda Positive Letter on Blavatsky, Besant,Theosophy, Occultism:
Blavatsky & Vivekananda influence on modern Yoga:
Blavatsky, Theosophy, Besant, Vivekananda & modern India:
Theosophy William Quan Judge controversy/case:
Rockefeller Finance & Vivekananda Philanthropy - Disquieting Gifts: Humanitarianism in New Delhi pg. 34 -
ABC Vivekananda & Rockefeller story:
Wu-Tang White Castle Veganism:

Millennium Guild, Freshel & Fabian Society Associates
Vegan NWO propaganda in early 1900’s (Isaiah 11.9 Millennium Guild/Freshel inspiration) - The Golden Rule Cook Book:
Millennium Guild formed in 1911 after Freshel’s World Parliament of Religions inspiration - Routledge History of Food:

Jewish Veganism
Rabbi calls for Jews to become Vegan:

Francis Bacon (Old)
Bacon supposed son of Queen "the Virgin" Elizabeth:
Bacon link in chain of animal rights progression:
Bacon as a link in the chain of the Vegan Renaissance":
Bacon as bridge for animals rights between Renaissance and Enlightenment - Lawrence W. Baker: Animal Rights and Welfare Book pg. 72:
Bacon and Jung as links in the evolution of animal rights - Preece & Chamberlain: Animal Welfare and Human Values pg. 105:

Francis Bacon (New)
Carol Adams Article (Francis Bacon symbol of Meat/Patriarchy & Papacy):
Francis Bacon the "Meat-Pope" (Art Institute of Chicago):
Bacon’s gay lovers and tumultuous relationships:
Letters from Bacon to Erica Brausen on Egypt, Luxor, Alexandria, etc.:

Student Argues for Abortion at 2 Years Old
"Professor" Peter Singer Atheist, Vegetarian, Abortion:

Occult Science Series YouTube:
Occult Science Series Vimeo:
Evolution of Gender, Spirit, Climate & Diet:

Key for Topics/Videos: Lucifer/Sophia/UN/Blavatsky/Pagels videos: 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 – Carl Sagan/Hypatia/Great Library/Alexandria/Cosmo videos: 10.0 through 11.1 – Siva/Cern/Technology/Evolution videos: 21 through 22.2 – Cain/Patriarchy/Oppression/Reptile Complex/Sagan, etc. videos: 23.0 through 23.5 – Lucifer/Sophia/Androgyny/Transhumanism/Evolution, etc. videos: 26.0 through 27.2 – Sophia’s Rise/Rebellion/Siva Activism/Fighting Fascism, etc. : 27.3 through 27.7

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Occult Guide to Cryptocurrency & Blockchain YouTube:
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