This file is to further correct or clarify anything of note that I missed in the final chapter of Occult Catholicism in video 11.1.

Weishaupt’s Alleged Jewish roots:
• The National Geographic article claiming Weishaupt had converso lineage and was backed by the Rothschild has retracted the latter part of its statements. They still maintain that "Weishaupt was a descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity."
• German scholar Reinhard Markner reveals in interview with Leo Zagami that a study was done on Weishaupts ancestry and they couldn’t find any converso lineage:
• Excellent article by Markner sorting out the Simonini issue. Essentially, Jewish historians (or just one, depending on if you don’t believe him) creating a conspiracy theory of their own for Catholics inventing the "anti-Semitic" Simonini letter via Joseph Fouché, a French Statesman who disapproved of Napoleon emancipating the Jews.
• Regardless of the truth or falsity of the "conspiracy" claims of the Jewish historians against Fouché, Barruel's letter to Napoleon was actually the major catalyst for Napoleon "dissolving the Sanhedrin" according to Markner’s article.
• Despite any lack of converso heritage from Weishaupt, and setting aside a bunch of bizarre rituals tied to the Illuminati doctrines, there’s certainly a primitive Marxism contained in their documents; who represents a Jewish reaction to Talmudic-Rabbinical authority in Germany; of which many Jews rallied to. The point in Occult Catholicism was the Jews and Pagans teaming up to "kill Christ" – along with a Judas – and the 19th century released the Jews into Europe via the Pagan-Masonic Enlightenment principles creating this effect en-masse, regardless of if Weishaupt was a converso or not.
• More information on the Simonini letter, and an overblown relationship to the Protocols of Zion, along with Abbé Barruel’s Memoirs will be touched upon and sorted out in the introduction section of our Memoirs series in the members section.

Maryks Jesuit Order as Synagogue of Jews: (download here: )
• I will do a proper evaluation of this in the future in members content, but two main corrections: 1) Loyola, when forming his Jesuit constitutions, was indeed surrounded by a converso influence amongst his closer associates, for better or for worse. However, he added in the Jewish lineage question – in a non-racially discriminatory wording – just before he died, whereas the previous years it was omitted entirely. I had this reversed, but it only helps support the idea that Loyola was not a "crypto-Jew" ; for in his dying days he was sure to add a minor bulwark in the Jesuit application to ask if one had a Jewish ancestry; thus being able to help identify Jewish descent coming into the Jewish for the Order after his death. 2) The Memorialistas Jesuits, composed of many conversos, were not "anti-Inquisition" per-say (as far as I know), but wanted to be exempt from it in protesting for their own autonomy; this indicates that they did not want to be examined by it and is certainly suspicious in regards to a crypto-Jewish infiltration allegation. This might not have been as clear as I would have liked it to be in our videos discussing this book.

Here is an article I wrote with all the proper sources to show that the idea of Ignatius of Loyola somehow being a crypto-Jew Illuminati subverter is speculation at best, dishonest and absurd at worst.

Sabina Spielrein, Trotsky Attacks, Stalin’s "Anti-Semitism":
• It was mentioned that Trotsky was trying to shut down Spielrein’s operation at "Detski Dom" where it’s only alluding to his attempts to "proletarianize" the school––not the cause of the shut-down ; but they try to imply in the article that these accusations were thrown at the school (of pedophilia "tendencies") in order to shut it down (i.e. pure speculation.
• So I had this context wrong, hence my reluctant admittance that "at least" Trotsky was shutting down pedo-operations, where it doesn’t seem like this was actually the case. That part of the article was a little confusing and not very clear on what they were trying to denote; but it seems suggested the accusations of encouraging "sexual exploration for children" were in attempts to shut it down as a response to Trotsky’s policies. This sounds like damage-control to try to save face for Spielrein who’s deemed a ‘forward-thinking-progressive-feminist tragically killed in the Holocaust' by the modern establishment.
• Stalin was not an anti-Semite, though it’s said he is because of the Bolshevik purge he did that just so happened to be made up of Jewish leadership. The liberal establishment makes this accusation but shoots themselves in the foot by actually revealing how many Jews were in the Bolsheviks, and Stalin was simply removed the Bolsheviks he didn’t like – which happened to be Jews – and didn’t have a problem with other Jews in his regime later or even marrying them. Thanks to Didymus for helping to sort this out. So there’s likely little to no connection of his "anti-Semitism" coming from his children’s time at the "Detski Dom."