Christ in the Talmud, Christ the Gnostic Nazarene, Tartary, Alexandria, Hypatia, "Noble Savage" parallels, etc.
Volume I
Pg. 16-17 - The ‘profane’ masses personify God, but the Kabalists, who "lift the veil of Isis" and understand "Nature" from not only the physical but spiritual level, know that the Ain Soph is a power or essence from which all emanates; not a "personal God" like in Catholic Christianity or ‘exoteric’ Judaism of following only the Pentateuch. The Christians bastardize Jewish theology (in this case the Qabalah and Talmud), are ignorant of it’s esoteric teachings. "The Talmud is the darkest of enigmas even for most Jews, while those Hebrew scholars who do comprehend it do not boast of their knowledge." (i.e. keep it concealed from the ‘profane’) This "Adept" wisdom comes from "Chaldean lore" (i.e. wisdom given to the Israelites during the Babylonian captivity, as this was the Chaldean chief city of Babylon). These "Adepts" and their wisdom can be found in the "mysterious deserted chambers" of Luxor Egypt; probably the Luxor Temple (consider a Luxor Temple Obelisk was put in the Place de la Concorde in France, which Princess Diana passed just before her crash into the 13th pillar). They may also be found in the "illuminated salons of the European aristocracy." (the salons are most likely a reference to the Enlightenment salons where people like Madame Pompadour – an agent of Voltaire and mistress/handler of Louis XV – frequented and is seen as a birthing place of modern Feminism) Blavatsky also gives reverence to Moses Maimomides (recall Ronald Reagan’s 850th celebration of his birth) as "the great Jewish theologian and historian, who at one time was almost deified by his countryman and afterward treated as a heretic, remarks that the more absurd and void of sense the Talmud seems, the more sublime is the secret meaning." Blavatsky says the learned Maimomides encapsulates and demonstrates ‘Secret Doctrine’ of "Chaldean Magic, the science of Moses" in regards to "natural science."
Pg. 21 - Professor John W. Draper [in his] Conflict of Religion and Science –– a great book with a very bad title –– swarms with such facts." Blavatsky here is stating that Draper, a historian known now as having an ax to grind with Christianity and distorting history to do so, confirms the ‘Secret Doctrines’ claims of Babylonian Chaldean Magic being tied to the achievement of the Ancient Greek philosophers (in Blavatsky’s views would be the Neo-Platonists and people like Hypatia). In short, a suspect historian "validates" Blavatsky’s claims on what is Talmudic wisdom stemming from the Babylonian Talmud/Captivity.
Pg. 214 - Simon de la Loubere is quoted by Blavatsky to show his "bigotry" towards the Tartars and Chinese. Loubere was an envoy who accompanied Jesuits into Thailand and the East. Since Blavatsky hates Catholicism she ironically puts herself in a contradictory position: Loubere comments on how the physical appearance means more to the Chinese religion because they refused to shave their heads – a custom imposed by Tartar conquest of their captives – since having their hair was sacred for the afterlife and didn’t want to meet their relatives with a bald head. He states that it’s ironic that the Chinese are reputed to be "so wise" in their universal wisdom and remedies, but would believe such absurdities. Blavatsky gets ‘testy’ and chastises Loubere for "pouring out his wrath on these ‘savages’" ; this is odd because ignores the ‘savagery’ of the Tartars who killed the Chinese when they refused their haircuts, but exalts the Tartars in Isis Unveiled Vol. II pg. 240 via the Protestant clergyman turned Theosophy J.M. Peebles in claiming that the Tartars are "virtuous and happy" without Christian-Jesuit missionaries.
Pg. 247 - Pro-Tartary statements: Magic was the "universal science" in which the "illuminated" natives of South America (pre-Catholic colonialism), Tartars/Tartary, and other "superstitious-heathen tribes" (which is what the Catholics would have called them; she’s using these terms facetiously to mock Catholics and exalt the "Noble Savage" Pagans and their religion) all held to and practiced on some fundamental level.
Pg. 598-600 - All the esoteric secrets and treasures (both spiritual and physical) will lie hidden until the taint of "Christian/Spanish" civilization "disappears from the whole of North and South America." There are secrets of the same nature hidden in Tartary, which are kept "jealously guarded against foreign [Christian-European] intrusion." Tartary and Buddhist Tibet all have secret mysteries of esoteric wisdom that existed before Christianity; thus being the "true" magic according to H.P.
Volume II
Pg. 27 - Monks of Mount Athos (Eastern Orthodox Church location of importance for monks and St. Gregory of Palamas––creator of Eastern Orthodox Theology on Essence/Energy, etc.) and in the desert of Nitria (monks near Alexandria which evolved into bankers and merchants with church services; not the ones who killed Hypatia of course!) – along with "learned Rabbis in Palestine" – all practice traditions in accordance with Talmudic study and commentary on its scriptures. These sacred scrolls and manuscripts are the preserved wisdom from the destroyed scriptures at the "Great" Library of Alexandria by the Caesars and "Christian mob" in 389 – along with the Arabs General Amru – of which was preserved by these monks of Athos and Nitria. (remember that these are the types of "Occult wisdom" that was brought from Constantinople to Rome after it’s fall which sparked the Renaissance humanism and Borgias/Medici debauchery, banking, and Heliocentric esoteric thought). These sacred scriptures with "Talmudic wisdom" allegedly were also preserved in India and Tartary areas (which Blavatsky saw, but couldn’t read in India––BS story?).
Pg. 34-35 - "Universal doctrine" of the Alexandrian Gnostics, philosophers and kabalists, who unlocked the scriptures with their esoteric "keys" gave panic to the early Church Fathers, which are of the "spirit of Jesuitism"; whom suppressed all the "divine wisdom" of the Neo-Platonists and other Mystery Schools by "distorting" Genesis via the Orthodox interpretation. Even Luther, despite his efforts against the Church (Theosophy’s common enemy), railed against Aristotle and "heathen" literature, in which the Catholic Church "perverted" according to H.P. ; but she still finds it insightful and useful when not interpreted by Catholicism.
Pg. 52-53 - Cyril of Alexandria, the MONSTER!, incites a revolt and execution against the "youthful Hypatia" via the "murderous" Christian mob; Orestes, the Pagan governor, was protecting her against these "murderous" enemies. But the "mass of flesh and blood, pounded to jelly under the blows of the club of Peter the Reader." etc. etc.
There are 3 main versions to the story of Hypatia which I will briefly summarize here (see this article: to read from all three):
1) She was a youthful and beautiful philosopher who enthralled people for miles around and was jealously put to death by Cyril, the Bishop of Alexandria, by plotting against her and inciting the fanatical Christian mobs to cruelly tear her limb from limb in a fit of religious bigotry and rage (this is from Damascius, a Neo-Platonist; it is also the Freemasonic version along with Blavatsky’s here in Isis Unveiled; also the story of Carl Sagan in Cosmos; also the Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz fundamentally has this view as well)
2) She was learned and respected, but there’s no evidence that Cyril conspired to have her killed despite being in the midst of a tense time between – first and foremost – Christians and Jews, but also Pagan and Neo-Platonic philosophers; she did get seduced into politics but was rumored by the masses that she got between Cyril and Orestes reconciliation (could be false, could be true; Scholasticus indicates it was slander from his view––this is the view I wanted to correct myself on from the Occult Science Series videos on Hypatia and also any comments previously made on the issue), but was an unfortunate victim of being caught in these wars being waged in Alexandria at the time (mostly from Socrates Scholasticus as being the more ‘balanced’ source)
3) Hypatia was an ‘Occult-witch handler’ (to put it in modern "conspiracy" terms; e.g. Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic "Spirit-Cooking" for politicians etc.) of Orestes the governor of Alexandria; the Jews were stirring up the masses with propaganda to attack and kill Christian leaders, in which Orestes enabled (similar to the story of Christ, the Pharisees, and Pilot); after this the Christians rose up and expelled the "Jewish assassins" from the city and Orestes was unable to help them; Peter (the Reader) and his men went to grab Hypatia, because of her witchcraft to handle Orestes to side with the Jews, and exterminate her to purge the last remnant of the conspirators (from John, Bishop of Nikiu). Peter is a hero in Nikiu’s story, a tyrant in Damascius’, but also frowned upon by Scholasticus as well despite his more middle-grounded approach.
In summation, there is little known about Hypatia’s life and many of the claims about her beauty, genius, etc. are ignorantly exaggerated at best; agenda-driven at worst. Of course you also have the completely opposite version of this from John, the Bishop of Nikiu. Use your own discernment to decide. Her death, while brutal, was consistent with the practices of execution practiced by the Pagans and Jews upon their enemies.
Pg. 131 - The Nazarenes (whom are Gnostics) had a "hatred" of the Orthodox Jews who followed the ‘exoteric’ Mosaic Law (Pentateuch), and think that understanding of God (which is the OT God of Catholicism as Christ’s incarnation) is just an ‘exoteric’ Pagan God of ‘profane’ Bacchus worshippers in Rome (same as Talmudic Jews think; the am ha’aretz of Christ and the ‘Pentateuch only’ Jews).
Pg. 132 - The Nazarenes were of the tradition of John the Baptist (see Templar chapter in Morals and Dogma on the 30th degree of Knights Kadosh to confirm this as the same view of Freemasonry); perhaps why the Templars – in the "heretical" and so-called "esoteric" understanding of Christ – revere John (which was perhaps a primary target of the Jews to ‘transmute’ into Gnosticism/Freemasonry as their Golem), and to disguise and confuse the language for esoteric "word-magic" to infiltrate and revere them under some alternative understanding. Blavatsky seems to think that the Nazarenes never really had any ‘beef’ with the Pharisees; they were "respected and left unmolested" by the them despite differing views on esotericism. This makes NO sense if Jesus is a Nazarene, but constantly had strive with – no to mention crucified by! – the Pharisees. Apparently Blavatsky wants to just discard all of that and give the broad and loose claim of "gospel distortion" as proof; the alternative narratives are apparently in the Gnostic Gospels which all contradict each other far more than any perceived contradictions in the 4 traditional Gospels. Ironically, this is the same as in the Talmud; except Christ is always seen in a negative and hostile light, but in rather scattered, unorganized, and contradictory fashion when compared to each other. Perhaps another ‘echo’ of Theosophy being a golem-creation of Talmudic Jews to combat Christianity.
Pg. 133 - "the blunders of the Old Testament are as nothing of those of the gospels" – meaning that the ‘exoteric’ Mosaic Law of the Pentateuch only Jews (accepting Christ or not) are not nearly as bad as the ‘exoteric’ interpretations of the New Testament; i.e. the Gnostic Gospels are the ‘true’ Gospels according to Blavatsky and rectify the "blunders" of the 4 traditional gospels; as would the Qabalah books of the Zohar, Sepher-Yetizirah of the Pentateuch; along with the Talmudic Rabbinical "wisdom." All of this puts H.P. in accordance with the Talmud’s view on Jesus save for Jesus being an "initiate" of esoteric wisdom; perhaps the perfect "golem" to make a gentile/goy – like Blavatsky – still revere Jesus but equate him with Pagan/Gnostic beliefs as a tool of control to attack the Talmudic Jews #1 enemy: Christ, the Apostles, early Church Fathers and the Catholic Church. Jesus was also, despite some similarities, not an Essene but a Nazarene Gnostic.
Pg. 138 - Blavatsky connects the "initiation" of the Nazarenes and Christ’s baptism to the same – albeit somewhat disfigured – themes of initiations of Freemasonry and the Hiram Abiff story. Remember that the Talmudic Jews also connected Christ to Hiram Abiff, but in a negative and hostile way; once again the Masons now are repeating the pattern of Blavatsky referring Christ as a Pagan deity and are glorifying him in that sense; so the Jews are using the "goy" hero of Christ, but equating them with heathen/gentile ‘cattle’ in the process of changing the story. Thus the golem of Freemasonry is attacking Christ, the apostles, the early Church Fathers and the Catholic Church in the same vein; all under the hidden auspices of Talmudic Jews.
Pg. 148 - Jesus was supposedly a Pharisee, says one "Rabbi Wise." Blavatsky implies that the biblical count of the Pharisees killing Christ is incorrect and that it was actually the Sadducees; this is convened in a footnote on the page. The reasoning is that the Apostles (in particular Paul in Acts 23) were persecuted by the Sadducees and the Pharisees defended Paul (who was himself a Pharisee but became a believer in Christ). There are other explanations to this phenomenon of the Sadducees persecuting Paul that do require the extreme jump to the conclusion that Blavatsky makes: that Jesus was actually combatting the Sadducees (meaning it should instead be "woes to the Sadducees" in Matthew 23) and they are the ones who conspired to crucify him instead of the Pharisees. The Sadducees are materialists and don’t believe in the supernatural, so why would they care about religious blasphemy if they don’t believe in it? Once Christ claimed to be "God in the flesh" (which to them the Talmud is "God in the flesh"), that’s when the Pharisees uttered "blasphemy!!" and attempted to place a "curse" on him to hang from a tree as the method to exorcise a demon – which they perceived Christ to be – and atone for such statements. If it was the Sadducees they would have thought he was just a crazy religious nutter with no real threat to their worldview. In Acts the Apostles are making converts – some being Sadducees themselves (Acts 6 converts) – so this could have easily started upsetting the unbelieving Sadducees which formed the confrontation and conspiring in an attempt to kill Paul in Acts 23; also consider Paul could have easily been using diplomacy and clever manipulation of the conflict between the Pharisees and Sadducees to get out of a tricky situation.
Pg. 197 - Blavatsky relates the Sabeans with the Nazarenes (whom is supposedly the group Christ belonged to) and the Nabatheans––all Kabalistic sects holding to the "Secret Doctrine" whom use magical talismans drawing down the powers of demons, spirits etc. from the desert (Azazel Scapegoat!). Ironically, the Sabeans are the group Carl Jung pegged to human sacrifice in rituals involving transmutation of the "brain-pan" for "illumination" that all relates directly to the JFK assassination and all of the Kabalistic elements associated with transmuting his "brain" via the "illumination" of the "triple-flamed fire" (Shin) of Oswald’s three shots fired. Also consider the "wilderness demon" of Pan and the Azazel Scapegoat that is attributed to Oswald from the Kabalistic perspective. See the JFK assassination series research for more on this.
Pg. 200 - Blavatsky accuses a Catholic (see the footnote) of slandering Protestantism because of "bitter" prejudice (despite his very logical and valid criticisms––just read the passage) and that when the Protestants, who "freely" interpret scripture, get something "correct," in the vein of an "allegory," get the irrational wrath placed upon them; and that the Protestants when invoking their own "wrath" against the Church is just as – if not more so – justified because Catholicism is ignorance according to H.P.
Pg. 201 - Somehow a Talmudic story from the Sefer Toledot Yeshu, which is related to calling Jesus a bastard son of a whore, conveys that Jesus was actually an initiate into Alexandrian wisdom (Sophia) and learned Jewish Qabalah; but all of this was "allegory" for this process; and also sourced from Eliphas Levi, who seemed to be obsessed with Judaism and perhaps under the "spell" of crypto-Jews to initiate him into more of the same: a secret doctrine that co-opts Christ, equlibrates him with Pagan deities and magic, but was secretly created as a Golem.
Reasons that one might support this thesis:
1) If Christ was outwardly mocked – like in the Talmud which was burnt during the Middle Ages times – then the doctrines could never survive Inquisition investigations.
2) Since the "goy" or am ha’aretz (Jews who became Catholic Church) had their civilization based upon Christ, then the "magic" of the "Secret Doctrine" to make him equivalent to a Pagan deity (as a joke on these goy) would be more effective because it related to their traditions and would be easy to adapt and ‘transmute’ since it had a ‘mask’ of Christianity on the surface.
Pg. 206 - Paul talking in ‘Gnostic-language’ (e.g. "archon of this world," battles against "powers and principalities" etc.) proves Paul was a Gnostic according to Blavatsky. Or, could the reason being because he was combatting Gnosticism and wanted to speak in terms in which the Greeks would understand to convey messages of Catholic Christianity? Remember, Blavatsky constantly praises the Talmud and Philo (under the context that Paul is of the same "spirit" of their "Secret Doctrines"); whom Christian scholars will give evidence that Paul is actually combatting, not aligning with – despite the similar language – which is a tactic to manipulate people using broad/macro concepts and "buzz" words to manipulate people by changing the definitions and distinctions in illogical ways; i.e. word "magick."
Pg. 240 - J.M. Peebles, a Protestant-Episcopalian-Universalist clergyman turned Theosophist, in his "Jesus – Man, Myth, or God?" book states: "Grant to keep Christian missionaries away from ‘happy’ and heathen Tartary!" ; so Blavatsky is claiming the "virtuous and happy" Tartars are just fine without people like Jesuit missionaries and Christian-European culture. Remember, that Blavatsky wrote about Tartars who shaved Chinese captives heads as a sign of conquering, but some refused and were executed for doing so. These amazingly "virtuous" Tartars!
Pg. 361 - Babylonian captivity (where the Babylonian Talmud tradition originates from) was a GOOD thing! The "profane" Jews got their secret doctrines there from the Chaldean Magi – whom were "masters in the Secret Doctrine" – and that their doctrines are of the "Egyptian Wisdom" that Moses got which was Qabalah, alchemy and mysticism of the Zoroastrian and Indian Adepts; all of whose gods are condemned as "demons" by ‘exoteric’ interpretations of the prophecies of Isaiah (i.e. the Catholic Church’s interpretations where all of that Qabalah "wisdom" is seen as demonic).
Pg. 386 - The story of Jesus as the son of ben-Pantera (which the same story can be found in the Babylonian Talmud) is the "true" wisdom of the Johannite, Qabalistic Templars who hold the "true" Secret Doctrine of Christ. Remember that Philip Le Bel (the Fair) burnt the Talmud and expelled the Jews from France just before the Templar ‘infiltration’ ; just a coincidence? or did the Jews create a "golem" of Qabalist-Templars to try and turn it on the Church to avenge their expulsion and burning of their Holy books such as the Talmud?