Aleister Crowley on Black and White Magick
Another Trick of Alchemical Reversal?
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Let us leave the sinister figure of Schopenhauer for the mysteriously radiant shape of Spinoza! This latter philosopher, in respect at least of his Pantheism, represents fairly enough the fundamental thesis of the White tradition. [so Baruch Spinoza, who’s God was the same one of Einstein and Carl Sagan, was a "White" magician in theory and practice according to Crowley] Almost the first observation that we have to make is that this White tradition is hardly discoverable outside Europe. It appears first of all in the legend of Dionysus. (In this connection read carefully Browning's Apollo and the Fates.) [again, see the JFK assassination parallels to Apollo/Dionysus Sun God rituals that Crowley is calling "White" magick]

"2. N.B. Christianity was in its first stage a Jewish Communism, hardly distinguishable from Marxism [somehow the Catholic Christianity of the early Church Fathers is "equal" to Marxism; a force that attempted to destroyed Catholic empire? Lol, sure].

"The Egyptian tradition of Osiris is not dissimilar. The central idea of the White School is that, admitted that "everything is sorrow" for the profane, the Initiate has the means of transforming it to "Everything is joy." … [of course, what is the definition of "sorrow" and "joy" to Crowley and NWO Occultists? see the JFK assassination series on Osiris, Isis "mourning" for the profane, and the transmutation into "joy" of the Apollo 11 event, i.e. "White" Magick ; the basic idea of transmuting the ‘profane’ to ‘Gnosis’ of Godhead is easily applicable to the JFK assassination and apotheosis event of Apollo 11]

"It appears that the Levant, from Byzantium [Constantinople Templar Occultists infiltrators] and Athens [School of Athens Hypatia] Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria [Hypatia of Alexandria, Carl Sagan’s ‘muse’]and Cairo [Egyptian Mysteries & Assassin’s Creed (Sufis of Constantinople) ‘Origins’], was preoccupied with the formulation of this [White] School in a popular religion, beginning in the days of Augustus Caesar. For there are elements of this central idea in the works of the Gnostics, in certain rituals of what Frazer conveniently calls the Asiatic God, as in the remnants of the Ancient Egyptian cult [Impersonal Deity of Eastern religion, Egyptian religion and Gnostic Occultism/Pantheism]. The doctrine became abominably corrupted in committee [council of Nicea, Da Vinci code conspiracy stuff], so to speak, and the result was Christianity [the "evil" Catholic Church!], which may be regarded as a White ritual overlaid by a mountainous mass of Black doctrine [people who ‘exoterically' think the Catholic Church is "white/good" was actually bad and true "Black Magick" according to Crowley], like the baby of the mother that King Solomon non-suited. [so Gnosticism as per the alleged original Christianity of the Alexandrian’s (the Gnostics of Da Vinci Code, Hypatian, Blavatsky, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Sagan, Fomenko, David Icke, etc. all considered as the "good guys") was the "White" magick school but it became ‘perverted’ by the "mountainous mass of Black doctrine" by the Catholic Church’s Christianity – Thus Crowley’s logic is: Gnosticism = White Magick and Catholic Church Christianity = Black Magick ; therefore anything breaking down Catholicism would be more in line with the "White" school of thinking]

"We may define the doctrine of the White School in its purity in very simple terms. "Existence is pure joy [sounds nice on the surface right?]. Sorrow is caused by failure to perceive this fact; but this is not a misfortune. We have invented sorrow [i.e. the Catholic Church’s idea of "sin" is "invented" sorrow according to Crowley], which does not matter so much after all, in order to have the exuberant satisfaction of getting rid of it [getting rid of Catholic Christianity is the "joy" ! Therefore everything akin to the NWO agenda is joy!]. Existence is thus a sacrament." [sorrow, sin, evil etc. is just a "construct" of the "matrix" of Catholic Christianity as a tool of control; and to exist outside of that is "pure joy" ; like the point of Giordano Bruno’s "love" (Crowley’s Agape) in the Cosmos series (see videos 9.0 through 11.1 for more on Giordano Bruno and Cosmos in Occult Science)]

"The purest doctrines of the White School are found in the Sacred Books of Thelema. [here he goes into a few passages to demonstrate this which we will skip because they are cryptic and he will interpret them below; the point is that Thelema’s Sacred Books contain the "purest doctrines" of Crowley’s definition of White Magick]

There is thus in this [White] School no attempt to deny that Nature is, as Zoroaster said, "a fatal and evil force" [Catholic Church’s understanding of "Nature" as a "fatal and evil force" ; not Hindu-Darwinism’s understanding]; but Nature is, so to speak, "the First Matter of the Work", which is to be transmuted into gold. The joy is a function of our own part in this alchemy. For this reason we find the boldest and most skillful adepts deliberately seeking out the most repugnant elements of Nature [i.e intentionally ‘debasing’ Catholic Empire] that their triumph may be the greater [a greater NWO triumph!]. The formula is evidently one of dauntless courage. It expresses the idea of vitality and manhood in its most dynamic sense. [therefore the "White" magick school is to see Catholic Christianity’s "Creator" and his creation that "good" as being a "fatal and evil force" in which the Adept needs to ‘transmute’ into gold as the "joy" of the alchemist ; thus the 9.11 event of transmuting the twin pillars of duality (which THEY view as the Old Testament God and Catholic Christendom) into a UNITY of the Occult Deity of the Mysteries; thus the 9.11 ritual being the very definition of "White" magick]

The only religion which corresponds to this School at all is that of ancient Egypt; possibly also that of Chaldea. This is because those religions are Magical religions in the strict technical sense; the religious component of them is negligible. So far as it exists, it exists only for the uninitiate. [the only traditional Western "religion" that resembles Crowley’s "White" magick is Egyptian and Chaldean Mystery Religion (which the Old Testament God of Catholic Christianity was always at odds with; the point of the story of Moses and the oppression of the Israelites by Pharoah)]

There are, however, traces of the beginning of the influence of the School in Judaism and in Paganism. There are, too, certain documents of the pure Greek spirit which bear traces of this. It is what they called Theurgy.

The Christian religion in its simplest essence, by that idea of overcoming evil through a Magical ceremony, the Crucifixion, seems at first sight a fair example of the White tradition [couldn’t you say the exact same thing about Freemasonry/Theosophy? it "seems at first sight" to be all about "white magick"?]; but the idea of sin and of propitiation tainted it abominably with Blackness [so the concept of "sin" or "morality" is an "abominable Blackness"]. There have been, however, certain Christian thinkers who have taken the bold logical step of regarding evil as a device of God for exercising the joys of combat and victory [evil is actually good and simply for us to experience joy; point of the Hidden Hand dialogue and talk I did on the Higherside Chats]. This is, of course, a perfectly White doctrine [THAT EVIL IS GOOD ! (and vice versa)]; but it is regarded as the most dangerous of heresies. (Romans VI. 1,2, et al.) [Crowley interpreting Roman’s how he sees fit, as a "Free" Mason ; The Catholic Church version of Christianity took the so-called "White" magick of Alexandrian Gnostic-Christianity, considered it "the most dangerous of heresies," and "tainted it with abominably with Blackness" ; thus Black Magick, in Crowley’s view, IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH]

For all that, the idea is there. The Mass itself is essentially a typical White ritual. Its purpose is to transform crude matter directly into Godhead. It is thus a cardinal operation of Talismanic Magick. But the influence of the Black School has corroded the idea with theological accretions [Catholic theology turned the Gnostic/Mystery School Mass into an alleged "Black" Magick Mass" of "superstitious darkness" (according to Crowley of course)], metaphysical on the one hand, and superstitious [a Voltaire Enlightenment "buzz word" to attack Christendom] on the other, so completely as to mask the Truth altogether. [simply put, the 9.11 event fits this criteria: by taking an allegedly broken God of Catholicism (represented by the Twin Pillars for the ‘profane’) and destroying it’s "crude matter" (the alleged Gnostic-Demiurge and his Catholic Christendom), and transforming it "directly into Godhead." Godhead being the UNITY of the Occult Deity as expressed by the single One World Trade Center (Mercury/Androgyny/Fluidity) & Freedom Tower (freedom/independence from Catholic Christendom)]

At the Reformation, we find a nugatory attempt to remove the Black element. The Protestant thinkers did their best to get rid of the idea of sin, but it was soon seen that the effort could only lead to antinomianism; and they recognized that this would infallibly destroy the religious idea as such. [the Protestant reformation was a ‘step’ in the evolutionary process to destroy the "Black element" (or "Black" magick) of Catholic Christendom, despite the Protestant’s errors leading to crazy Evangelical types]

Mysticism, both Catholic and Protestant, made a further attempt to free Christianity from the dark cloud of iniquity. They joined hands with the Sufis and the Vedantists. But this again led to the mere denial of the reality of evil [the "reality of evil" to Crowley is that it does not exist other than the Catholic Church’s attempt to impose their doctrines as ’truth’]. Thus drawing away, little by little, from clear appreciation of the facts of Nature, their doctrine became purely theoretical, and faded away, while the thundercloud of sin settled down more heavily than ever. [thus the next link in the ‘evolutionary’ chain was to look towards Eastern Mysticism to rectify ‘sin’ ; in which it becomes merely an illusion of the Catholic Christian "matrix" or the Occultist’s Saturn/Satan/The Devil Tarot]

The most important of all the efforts of the White School, from an exoteric point of view, is Islam. In its doctrine there is some slight taint, but much less than in Christianity. It is a virile religion [Islam is a virile religion, so why not flood the West with it to destroy the remnants of Catholic Christendom?]. It looks facts in the face, and admits their horror; but it proposes to overcome them by sheer dint of manhood. Unfortunately, the metaphysical conceptions of its quasi-profane Schools are grossly materialistic. It is only the Pantheism of the Sufis which eliminates the conception of propitiation [the same Sufis (whom Crowley is praising here) who got away from "Old World" Islam and joined the Young Turks in Christian genocide]; and, in practice, the Sufis are too closely allied to the Vedantists to retain hold of reality. [exoteric Islam is just as "equal" to the "Black" magick Catholic Church (according to Crowley), and that only Sufism and Pantheism will help these alleged "Abrahamic" religions break free of their Saturnian ‘shackles’]

That will be all for the present.

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears pg. 76-82

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